Welcome to my Kosrae-Pohnpei blog - May 1 - May 20!

I hope you enjoy my blog about my solo trip to Kosrae and Pohnpei May 1st through May 20th.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just booked

Well - here I go.  Something wild and crazy that I am very excited (and a bit nervous) to do.  I booked my trip to Kosrae and Pohnpei yesterday.  My goals for this trip are to re-find myself, build on a very newly renewed relationship with God and scuba dive as much as possible!!!  Thank you Carrie and Hannah for encouraging me to pursue this adventure.  I love you!

I leave May 1st to Honolulu for a very brief overnight stay and fly out to Kosrae early on May 2nd with arrival on May 3rd as I will be crossing the international date line.  I will be staying with my sister Shary's friends at their resort, Kosrae Nautilus, for 11 nights.  I hope to dive approximately 7-8 of those days with the other days set aside for island exploration and relaxation (not that diving won't be relaxing).  I just got done with my Advanced Open Water scuba certification through PADI so that I can enjoy a bit more of what the pristine Kosrae reef has to offer.  I am excited to find some solitude there and walk a bit in my sister Shary's footsteps as she spent a few years there in the late 80's early 90's; mostly in the Peace Corps.

I then depart on the 14th for Pohnpei where I will be staying for 6 nights at an eco-resort and again will be diving as much as possible.  I have already made a new friend on Pohnpei through Scubaboard.com and am set to dive Ant Atoll with him and some other locals on May 15th.  Check out images of that fantastic place here: Ant Atoll images.  There are no inhabitants of that atoll so it will be mostly just us and the water and everything it has to offer.  Surface intervals apparently consist of trolling for yellow fin tuna for some tasty fresh as can be sashimi.  Then home on May 20th.

Lots to do between now and May 1st.  I  plan on "blogging" daily during my trip so check in as often as you'd like!  Now I just gotta figure out how to blog!