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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Blue Hole Snorkel

Turned out pretty nice mid-day so I cooked myself by the pool for a couple of hours while reading a book then got nervous that I was getting too much sun so decided to head across the street to snorkel the Blue Hole.  It was better than I expected - I went on the beach side and spotted a stingray sitting in about 15 feet of water so I free dove down to about 8 feet and snapped a photo and then he shot off.  I then proceeded directly across the blue hole which was a bit of a swim with nothing to see as the viz is only about 25 feet or so - had to keep popping my head up to be sure I was heading towards the reef as all I could see was murky blue water.  When I arrived on the reef I happened upon three more stingrays hanging out in the sand in about 5 feet of water.  Two took off immediately but one who thought he was heavily camouflaged hung out until I snuck up on him within about 4 feet and snapped a photo which scared him and he bolted.  Yep - good old 35mm film "click".  Which also means I'll have to wait until back to develop those.  Saw a small lobster, four large box fish, clown fish, lizard-fish, several types of damsels, etc.

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