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I hope you enjoy my blog about my solo trip to Kosrae and Pohnpei May 1st through May 20th.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Hello from Pohnpei

I'm staying at the Village resort in Pohnpei which is awesome.  I have my own treehouse in the jungle and it's beautiful!  Great view of the lagoon and Pacific Ocean beyond.  

I'm just settling in and have discovered that the internet appears to be free here so I may post more pics, etc. from Kosrae as have unlimited use (at least from what I can tell now).  Oh - and I just sat down on the bed to test it out - a water-bed?! Yes - I'll be sleeping in a traditional Micronesian hut in the trees in a water-bed - not bad if you ask me!

An update on the weather I mentioned last night.  I thought it seemed a bit severe and apparently it was a waterspout tornado that literally ripped right through the resort.  When I say resort - I'm talking the length is only maybe 50 yards.  They were cleaning seaweed off of the TOP of the walls INSIDE of the lobby this morning!  I thought it was a bit loud for just your normal storm - I guess I can now say I've lived through a tornado!


  1. Kaselehlia!! (Greetings on Pohnpeian language)

    WOW!! Tornado? I never had one of those even...

    The Village is beautiful, huh? Many great memories at that Resort....

  2. Jim.....my jealousy is showing up a little with this shot...and the view from your little treehouse. Just wow!