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Friday, May 6, 2011

Nice 'n easy Saturday morning diving

A bit drizzly again this morning with no sun since the day I arrived.  Again, the decision was up to me to go diving so I chuckled and told Doug how hard it is for me to make decisions on minor things at home and for me to have to say whether or not we dive is sort of funny.  Of course - given the fact that one of the main reasons I came was to dive, I said "let's go diving".........

Dive Seven
Site:  Harbor entrance buoy
Dive Buddy:  Doug Beitz
Other divers:  n/a
Duration:  66 minutes
Max Depth:  39 feet
Visibility:  75 feet
Outside temp:  78.1 degrees F
Water temp: range from 78.1-84.6 degrees F

Nice and smooth dive with Doug today.  Doug pointed out a lion-fish hangin' out under a coral head so I  guess I should probably stop mentioning the fact that I see them on every dive.  We came upon a really playful flatworm that hung fluttered around my hand and mask while Doug took video of it.  So much fun with such a small creature.  Saw a couple of massive barracuda hanging out above us near the surface.  I missed another close encounter with a turtle, again!  I didn't see him until Doug got my attention while he was swimming below us about 20 feet.  Not much else to report on this dive.

Had our basic surface interval snack of fresh fruit and then on to the next dive site - I can't get enough of these bananas!

Dive Eight
Site:  Buoy 35a - not yet named
Dive Buddy:  Salyk
Other divers:  n/a
Duration:  62 minutes
Max Depth:  47 feet
Visibility:  85 feet
Outside temp:  79.9 degrees F
Water temp: range from 80.2 - 86.0 degrees F

We traveled further south of where we've been diving on this side of the island and saw some better viz from the surface so tied up to a new buoy just put in about 18 months ago.  Salyk and I dropped down and indeed the viz was better but it ended up being a pretty un-exciting dive.  Too bad the sun won't come out and play because it would have really made this area pop with more vibrant colors.  Oh well - the sun will hopefully visit next week.  We did come across a beautiful white and aqua blue nudibranch as well as several large sea cucumbers - one black one seemed as big around as my thigh.  Not much else to report on this one.

Came back into the harbor to lots of bbq smell and families having picnics at the park as it is Saturday here and their primary play day.  Fisherman got back at the same time as us and had a nice catch of tuna.  One massive (probably 100 lb plus) yellow fin tuna had been bitten more than in half by a shark while they were reeling it in.  They were gutting and cleaning the fish and Doug asked me if I'd like to see something gross and he pointed out to me that one of the guys was eating the raw fish guts.  Yeah - gross to us but he seemed to be enjoying it.

Now sitting by the pool drinking water instead of beer because tonight we're doing a NIGHT DIVE! :-)

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