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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New dive sites this morning

I think I'm getting spoiled with the diving down here..........many anemone hosts with clown fish and their eggs, nudibranch, stingray, several puffer fish (big - like 20-24 inches long), and the typical fantastic hard coral with several other species of reef fish.............

Dive Twelve
Site: Shark Island - North Buoy
Dive Buddy: Doug Beitz
Other divers: Josh and Jess
Duration: 68 minutes
Max Depth: 64 feet
Visibility: 75 feet
Outside temp: 89.2 degrees F
Water temp: range from 82.4 - 88.2 degrees F

This was the farthest north buoy off shark island and it was very cool. Josh and Jess joined us this morning. The current took us nearly out to the point and then switched 180 degrees mid-dive and we came back - this time a bit shallower. Doug showed me two white spotted trigger-fish which apparently are quite rare and really cool looking. Trigger-fish can be a bit nasty as they protect their nest but these two were down deeper than we so no problem. We've had others circle us as we swim through their territory - Salyk doesn't like them as they'll come at you fast and head butt you. These aren't small fish - probably 30 inches or so. At the end of the dive Doug spotted a stingray sleeping in a sandy patch so we checked him out for a minute until he got spooked and swooped off - really cool to see those animals move underwater.

Dive Thirteen
Site: Split Rock
Dive Buddy: Doug Beitz
Other divers: Salyk
Duration: 66 minutes
Max Depth: 54 feet
Visibility: 80 feet
Outside temp: 80.2 degrees F
Water temp: range from 81.0 - 85.3 degrees F

This was the first time we've been able to dive the north side of the island as the wind was coming from the south. Split rock is a massive rock structure underwater that has split and you can swim right through at different heights. A really cool dive with tons of macro to look at including hermit crabs, several nudi's, small, colorful star fish, lizard-fish, flat worms, lion fish and then there were three huge snapper (30 inches+?) at the base of the rock in 54 feet of water. Doug apparently was on the other side and rustled them up while they shot for the opening near me only to stop and swim around as I blocked their exit. Was a very nice dive but had sections of barren coral as apparently that site took a pounding several months back with 15 foot waves. Tons and tons of hermit crabs, etc. sleeping for the day - would be a cool place for a night dive.

I was tired after this morning so took a nice nap after a video conversation with Hannah.

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