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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Great First Day

I expected to be so tired my first day here but I think my sleeping plan in Hawaii paid off as I was full of energy today.  I did take that dip in the pool which was nice and then decided against snorkeling because I wasn't comfortable with the area and didn't want to get myself into trouble in the water on the first day.  So, I decided to take a walk to Lelu and check out the ruins.  It's a nice short walk along the causeway which is what connects Lelu Island with gorgeous views of both the ocean and the mangrove canals on the other side.  I came upon two young boys fishing with nothing more than a plastic bottle, some line and a hook with some bait.  Their cooler was getting full of what looked like something I would enjoy eating raw.  I snapped a pic of one of the fisherman to share with this post.  Notice his high tech gear.

I then made my way to the ruins which I found fascinating.  The city was occupied from around 1100-1400 AD and most of the walls were made out of basalt logs but they can't quite prove where exactly they came from but the theory is from the other side of the island near Walung and brought them via canoe.  They also used coral for some of their roads.  The next two pictures show this.  The brain coral is for you Carrie :-)

Also, I was walking back I had remembered that I was supposed to look for the "Sleeping Lady" from Lelu harbor which I think is what this picture of is here - Shary?  I can see it both ways too so which is her head?  Her pointy boobies are obvious.

I then came back for more pool time and met some other guests staying here.  They are from Australia and visiting their daughter who is dating Doug/Sally's son Josh whom I also met today.  He asked about you Shary and the boys and couldn't believe it when I told how tall they've gotten!  We are all diving together tomorrow morning. Cannot wait!
I then had a wonderful dinner of grilled yellowtail tuna - yummy.  And here I sit "blogging".  I think this will be what I do each night around this time so you can look for a new post from me each morning.  I'm chewing through my data usage down here and it's not cheap so this will be my primary mode of communication.

One thing that I can confirm after all I've heard and seen written are that the Kosraen people are so friendly!  I  must have had 25+ people randomly wave and smile to me as I was strolling down the road on my walk today.  It is very comforting here.  I can see why you enjoyed it so much Shary.

Until tomorrow night - have a good Tuesday (I've already had mine) and God bless!


  1. Tuwo! Lady's head is on the right in this pic. Did I tell you the legend? It's probably in one of your books.
    Did you remember that the house I lived in with Luke and Danny is at one of the entrances to the ruins? On the side by the elementary school. So, pretty cool huh? You can see a lot on your own but if you can have someone take you they can point out areas and things like pounding stones, burial areas, etc. I think I have a video of it from back in my day.
    And you're right...friendly people!!
    Oops, you called Sally "Patti" in the post...
    Tell Josh hello. Such a nice kid. I would love to see those guys again. Please be sure to take pics of their family for me? Also, is Cameron there? He won't know me. That's the boy with a bday coming up that I sent the hat for...
    Is it ok to keep posting back to you on here? Since it is your journal? Or should I use email or facebook?
    Kut fah osun, brother. Nga lungse kom!

  2. Yes - fine to communicate with me here.

    I was thinking about which one was your house as I was walking in that area yesterday. I will find out from Moses when I hook up with him.

  3. Where are you diving today?

  4. Hi Son: We're so glad you are so enjoying all that you are experiencing. Also that you can now see the beauty that Shary has talked about. You and she will have a lot to share.
    A thought for today: Each day on the journey of life is one day closer to heaven; enjoy the journey, embrace each moment. Love & Blessings. Mom & Dad