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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I don't think the heavy stuff is gonna come down for quite a while

Tonight we headed out for a night dive.......

Dive Fourteen
Site: Cockle Sanctuary
Dive Buddy: Doug Beitz and Salyk
Other divers: n/a
Duration: 64 minutes
Max Depth: 51 feet
Visibility: 80 feet
Outside temp: 77.4 degrees F
Water temp: range from 77.4 - 83.8 degrees F

This was my second and last night dive here on Kosrae and was just as excellent as the first. It's amazing how confident I feel with my buoyancy, etc. when it's pitch-black underwater - you'd think it'd be the other way around but it's not. For those that don't dive - when you night dive you have a primary and secondary light in addition to a tank light so have some redundancy when it comes to finding your way around but can switch them off to turn everything to black to see the other divers work underwater which looks like you're on another planet or play with the phosphorescent. Tonight I saw the most amazing hermit crab that appeared to have four small plume anemone growing on its shell - was wild. Saw two slipper lobsters - one baby, a baby moray eel, a teeny-tiny little flounder (1 inch), several flat worms, lion fish, lizard fish, big puffer fish, red crab, small vibrant starfish and several vibrantly colored sea urchins. Some of these urchins were huge at probably 12 inches in diameter and they'd just slowly move along the coral - visible movement though. Some colors I saw were black and yellow, purple, jet black, orange and gray. I also saw a really weird looking clam sort of thing that was quite mesmerizing to look into as it was fully open - probably fishing for food although I was a bit much for his little appetite.

When we got out of the water - RAIN! Major rain - no wind - just down-pouring rain. Was like that all the way back to the resort and just as we were pulling in - whoosh - power out. Then power on - power out - power on - power out. They served me dinner in my room.....power out, power on. It's still raining buckets out there but at least the power stayed on long enough for me to shower, etc. (water pumps on all plumbing).

Tomorrow morning are likely my last dives on Kosrae as will likely do an outrigger canoe tour through the mangrove channels on Friday morning before I fly off to Pohnpei on Saturday (Friday in America).

Fong wo

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