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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Church this morning

Doug offered to drive me to church as I wanted to go and check out the choir and had some worshiping and praying to do of my own.  So off I went to the Lelu Congregational church.......

The men sit on the right and the women on the left.  It seemed also as though teenagers and below sat on the far right/left while adults sat more towards the middle.  I have absolutely no idea if I sat in the right spot but at least I was with the dudes.  The choir singing was extraordinary - really beautiful.  There were a few words spoken by the pastor in English when he looked right at me and said "White people, we are talking about fearing God and you can follow along in Ecclesiastes".  That's the only "English" I recognized but it was still a very worthwhile experience.  I worshiped as I'd been recently taught at our new church in Bothell and when I got to the part about asking God to answer my prayers - I asked for improved health for my dad and better weather.  Well, I walked out of church to brighter skies and no rain so hopefully He'll go 2-for-2 today!  :-)

Here's a shot across the harbor outside the church.......

Sunday is a day of rest so no "working" and no diving, etc. here on Kosrae.  I may take a snorkel across the street in the blue hole and was planning on collecting shells but that is disallowed on Sundays too.  Also - no alcohol on Sunday.  Now watching the Celtics hopefully beating the Heat in game 3 of the Eastern Conference semis.  First TV I've watched since my arrival.

It is Sunday here and Mother's day so I'll wish all the moms out there a very happy Mother's Day!  Mom and Carrie - I will call you tomorrow when it is actually Sunday/Mother's Day in WA State.

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