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Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday morning and rain again? Ok - let's go diving

When it rains like it does here - there really isn't much else to do but head under water (for me at least). We have a new diver at the resort this week - Richard. He was doing a nursing contract on Guam and is slowly making his way home by way of diving Palau, Pohnpei and now Kosrae. Nice, calm morning once we got out there and stayed close to the marina again.....

Dive Ten
Site: Buoy 35b
Dive Buddy: Doug Beitz
Other divers: Richard
Duration: 63 minutes
Max Depth: 53 feet
Visibility: 80 feet
Outside temp: 77.4 degrees F

A pretty ordinary dive now that I've been here for a while. The clown fish have laid their eggs in their host anemone and are guarding them fiercely while the anemone seems to curl up where the eggs are hatched - truly a symbiotic relationship of some sort. Saw yet another lion fish, several black flat worms, lizard-fish, etc.

Dive Eleven
Site: Shark Island
Dive Buddy: Doug Beitz
Other divers: Richard
Duration: 76 minutes
Max Depth: 48 feet
Visibility: 75 feet
Outside temp: 84.6 degrees F
Water temp: range from 81.7 - 86 degrees F

The dive started out with some pretty bad viz but it turned out to be a killer dive. I took up the rear this dive and Doug/Richard stirred up a turtle that shot out right in front of me and slowly waded its way down and out into the blue. I desperately tried to get Doug/Richard's attention with no luck. Then I happened upon a very playful, but quite small, flatworm that I played with for a minute or two.....

I then spotted an octopus hiding in a coral head and called Richard and Doug over. Richard was low on air so he headed up to his safety stop but Doug and I got in real nice and close as he was quite tolerant of us. I checked my downloaded dive log from my computer and figured we spent 26 minutes with him. I got so close that he was literally only 8 or so inches in front of my mask. It was killer!!!!!! He kept a close eye on us and I was hoping he'd shoot out of his hiding spot so I could see him swim but I can't be too picky as I was humbled to be in such close proximity to such a fantastic creature. I reached out to touch him at one point and he turned black instantly and pulled back so I kept my distance. Doug snapped several shots as I looked on. Easily the best animal/fish experience I've had since here........

This was the longest I've ever spent under water at 76 minutes and didn't want to leave but had to as was getting towards 500 lbs. left of air so was sorry to leave but I sure loved it!!!! Hovered over him at our 15 foot safety stop and he turned black as if to say goodbye.


  1. Hi Jim....it is rainy here too!!! so glad u r having such an amazing time....love to check in on you each day...I am busy getting ready to go to Salt Lake early Thurs am for the International Quilt Market....It's kind of a big deal for me...sosososo excited!!
    xoxoxoxo b safe...hope your Dad is feeling better.