Welcome to my Kosrae-Pohnpei blog - May 1 - May 20!

I hope you enjoy my blog about my solo trip to Kosrae and Pohnpei May 1st through May 20th.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Today is the big day!

A few last minute packing details is all that's left to do today and then off to the airport for a 5:25 pm flight to Honolulu after having lunch near the airport with my best girls Carrie and Hannah.  I'll be staying the night in Honolulu and then catching an early morning flight on Monday to Kosrae for arrival on Tuesday morning at 11:10 AM with brief stops in the Marshall Islands at Majuro and Kwajalein on the way.  Kosrae is 18 hours ahead of Seattle.

It looks like my stretch of sunny days is starting here in Bothell today..........I hope it lasts for you all here......it typically does when I go on vacation so you can thank me later.  :-)


  1. buckle up...be safe...have fun!!!!

  2. Take care bro. Be safe. Have fun. Enjoy the island and all it's offerings. And pass on my best wishes to all my family and friends there!
    Love you.