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I hope you enjoy my blog about my solo trip to Kosrae and Pohnpei May 1st through May 20th.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday eve - May 4th

Everyone gathered around the pool late afternoon to swap dive stories or talk about whatever.  All such great people and I am enjoying my time with them and am happy they've included me.  Went and checked out the in-progress chicken coop that Doug is having built to combat the egg shortage on the island.

I then joined Doug, Sally and their Australian guests Anna and Ivan for dinner along with Jess and Josh outside on the patio by the pool.  I had sashimi and rice, yummy!  The food and company were both excellent.

This island truly is an amazing place.  I really think I made a good choice in my destination.  EVERYTHING has exceeded my expectations so far.  I can't believe this place isn't overrun with tourists!  Can't wait for more diving tomorrow!

...........'til tomorrow.............Fong wo (good night)


  1. Tuwo brother,
    Nga pwacr na paye! (I am really happy!) Finally, someone sees the amazing place that is so close to my heart. And I knew you'd enjoy the Beitz' gang. :)
    Yellow fin tuna sasimi? My mouth is watering!!!!
    Looking fwd to more blogs from you.

    p.s. How old is Josh now? About 24/25?
    Is Cameron on site?

  2. Oh, I forgot to ask...you were worried about mosquitos...how are they?

  3. I believe Josh said he was 25. And yes Cameron is here. I told him I had a birthday gift to give him from you and the look on his face was priceless. So I said to him "pretty weird some american you've never seen before is bringing you a birthday gift, yes?" and he smiled big and said yes. He was asking his mom to go on the boat with us today but he has school (home-schooled) so not sure he'll get his way, lol. Cute kid - he and Josh went fishing in the mangrove channels last night but came up empty.

    Mosquitos? What mosquitos? I haven't seen one yet - even in my trek through Lelu ruins. :-)

    Moses left a message for me here yesterday and my night got away from me last night so will be contacting him sometime today.

  4. Great on all 3 counts! Cameron is about the age Josh was when I lived there with the babies...

    Glad you will be connecting with Moses and Josila and our family...

    And I told you not to worry about mosquitos!! :)

    You are arising pretty early; still trying to get used to the time difference? How are you finding the hotel itself?

  5. Shary - just had a long conversation with Jack (lives next door to Nautilus) - married to Shrue. He says he knew you and wanted to know all about you and the boys. I wish I had a laminated picture of them to carry around as everyone wants to know how big they've gotten, lol. :-) Anyway - we talked for about 30 minutes - very nice man. We deduced that his family on Kona was probably at the boy's birthday party last month.

  6. Jim: it sounds like you are having a great time. I look forward to reading your blog every day.

  7. Ekewo,
    Yah, of course I know Jack!! Yes, i thought of that; that I should have given you a picture...well, you could "borrow" that one of us in Josila's envelope. It's ok, go ahead and open it. I can't remember what I put in there but I'm sure you could find one??Anyway, tell Jack hello and I'm glad you got to chat.
    Aren't Kosraeans just the nicest???
    Looking forward to ur next post about diving, or whatever...

  8. My first chance to look at all your posts Webbah. I can't tell you how envious I am as I sit here in my Seattle office (@ 5:30pm) reading and visualizing the wonderful place you're visiting and people you've met. Look forward to more photos. Later.

  9. It's amazing the beauty of our world, so much that we have no knowledge of. How blessed you are to be experiencing it. Loved the video of the barracudas - they looked quite large, how long do you think? Thinking of you and praying for you every day! XOXOX Mom and Dad