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Thursday, May 5, 2011

New day

Tuwo (Good Morning),

Well - the sun is trying to peek through the clouds so looks like a more comfortable day weather wise ahead.  Just done with a big breakfast of Portuguese sausage and eggs - yummy.

I made an observation while eating and listening/watching all of the other five tables - every table was laughing and carrying on and if I didn't know better - I would have thought they were all drunk!  These were all local people (I the only hotel guest eating at the time) and it is quite apparent that the Kosraen people are HAPPY and very relaxed most of the time.  We think we have it all but do we really?  I like how Dave Matthews said it one of my favorite tunes, Seek Up:

Oh, look at me and my fancy car and my bank account
Oh, how I wish I could take it all down to my grave,
God knows, I'd save and save
Man, take a look again,
take a look again
All the things I have collected
Well, in the end it all will pile up so tall 
to one big nothing
One big nothing at all

This is a third world country and many are so poor and yet so happy.  Truly inspiring.

Wow, deep thoughts.  lol.................on to diving :-)

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  1. You are so right Jimmy. By our society's definition they are poor. But they aren't; not at all. They have such a deep and inspiring way of living, none of which involves materialism.
    It's the island way - continue to enjoy!!

    Lucky for you my sons/your nephews are now land owners on Kosrae and perhaps you'll be able to vacation there again someday! :)