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Friday, May 6, 2011


Great evening with the Aussies - Anna, Ivan, Jess and Josh and I headed to Bully's for happy hour.  This is a bar/restaurant built among the mangroves just south of the Nautilus.  It is named after the notorious pirate and trader Bully Hayes who buried a great treasure on the island before his ship sunk in Utwe harbor in 1874 and legend has it that the treasure has yet to be found.  Very cool foot bridge leading into the place.........

And a shot from behind our table.......

And from left:  Anna, Ivan, some really pale white guy, Josh and Jess

Unfortunately - they had no tequila but they did have cold beer and live music.  Many Peace Corps and World Teach people were here for a typical Friday night at Bully's.  There was live music by a guy named James Thomas who gave everyone a free cd.  Small world as he ironically enough - grew up in Spokane on the South Hill near Rosauers and went to the University of Idaho and knew of Uniontown.  For those of you that don't know me well enough to know what I was born in Spokane and was raised on the South Hill and my family's farm where my father grew up is in Uniontown, WA - literally a town of 100 people and he knew exactly where it was.  Crazy being 6000+ miles from home and having that connection.  He played some acoustic guitar that was a cross between Marley and The Grateful Dead.  His closer was a hilarious song about living on Kosrae (e.g. waiting 2 hours for a taxi).  I recorded some of it on video Shary and will show you upon return to US - you will get a  kick out of it.

We then retired back at Josh/Jess' apartment at the Nautilus for pizza, beer and delightful conversation.

Now, time for bed after some serious prayers for my father who is in ICU in Bellingham after a fall doing yardwork at home - hang in there Dad - I love you.  I'm told he is stable and improving and that I shouldn't worry but of course I am.

Fong wo


  1. Sounds like fun! And FYI...taxi service at all is a new development..2 hours or not! haha Looking forward to the video. Does he live there, what does he do for a living?

  2. Hi Jimmy! Kom fukah? I sent you a message on facebook.

    Dad is out of ICU after another CT scan this morning. Nothing new to indicate further problems so he can be on regular floor :)

    Have you planned your mangrove tour with Tadao Waguk yet? Leave from the same place you left to dive at Hiroshi's yesterday, Utwe. Don't miss out on doing that!!!

    Kut fah osun...

  3. This is great! Bully Hayes didn't exist when I was there, but it sounds fun if peace corps are there every Friday. I can imagine what that's like. =) But I know the apartment and house at Nautilus well... I housesat there a couple times! Fun trip sounds like!